Best Homemade gift ideas

Being awarded and recognized in the Court of Honor is an important milestone in every Eagle Scout’s life as they have worked really hard for it. They deserve to be celebrated, and making them homemade gifts that are unique and personal is one good way to do it.

Here are great ideas for homemade Eagle Scout presents:

  • Quilts
    Handmade quilts for an Eagle Scout is as personal a present as it can get. If you know how to sew and if your recipient has many outgrown Scouting materials, you can put them all in a beautiful quilt that they’ll absolutely love.

Or, make them a pillow!

  • Handmade neckerchief slides
    If you want to be more unique and get a little artsy-craftsy or know (or know someone who does) basic woodwork, you can make themhandmade neckerchief slides. You can fashion them into creative styles or into icons of shows they love.
  • Handmade keepsake box
    A keepsake box is a wonderful way to preserve Eagle Scout stuff and to culminate the years of hard work. You can make one with wood or other sturdy materials and fill it with scouting memorabilia to help your Eagle Scout have something to remember his accomplishment by.
  • Cakes
    A celebration is missing without a cake! If you can bake or have a pro to help you out, then go big with Eagle Scout-themed cakes. Here are some cake ideas you might want to take notes on:

A few things to remember before working on your homemade present:

  1. Make the present in such a way that is unique and personally relevant to your recipient.
  2. Keep in mind the recipient’s interests.
  3. Your Eagle Scout present doesn’t have to be perfect or fancy. If you put your heart into the creation of your present, your recipient will know, and that will be enough.