We are a family owned business located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our core business is round untreated and treated posts and poles, peeler cores, landscape timbers and other value added wood products. Ninety Five percent of our products are shipped via truck or rail into the United States.

Eventually shifting to a review sites for furniture, housing plans and elegant kitchens.

Even so, we still offer timbers from 18′ to 45′ in length, and 12″ to 26″ width and depth. Thank you for your business. We are a manufacturer and distributor of:


  • Fencing
  • Wood Products
  • Lodge Pole Pine
  • Posts
  • Poles
  • Tree Stakes
  • Tree Props
  • Peeler Cores
  • Landscape Timbers
  • Used Railway Ties
  • Rough Peeled Rails
  • Doweled Rail Fencing
  • Landscaping Rock
  • Large Douglas Fir Timbers

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with every product we offer and encourage your inquiries.